Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: 1970-2005

I’m not sure where the concept for “Wordless Wednesday” came from, but the first time I saw it was when author, Karen Harrington, posted her WW pictures on Facebook. When I considered posting a photo instead of text today, I Googled “Wordless Wednesday” and came up with this blog. It appears that the idea is to post a photograph every Wednesday, based (I would think) on the old saying that “a picture is worth a thousand words.” Anyway, here’s my picture for Wordless Wednesday.

I made this collage in 2005, as a visual to use for a talk I was giving at Toastmasters one evening. Yes—I joined Toastmasters to hone my speaking skills, because I had been invited to speak at a women’s retreat in Austin, Texas, that fall, and I was scared to death! Putting words on paper is one thing—standing in front of a group of people and speaking is another thing altogether! (I gave five one-hour talks that weekend, and led two discussion groups.)

Anyway, the Toastmasters talk was supposed to be memoir-ish, and so I talked about the first 35 years of my marriage, 1970-2005. Hopefully, the picture really is worth a thousand words. Watch for more pictures (with fewer words of explanation) on Wednesdays in the future, and thanks, Karen, for sharing this with me.


K. Harrington said...

This is fabulous, Susan! Thanks for sharing. I love family photos as I'm sure you know. :)

Priscilla said...

12 or more pics = 12,000 words LOL
You usually have photos in each blog posting; I like the "Wordless Wednesday" concept.

mary said...

Good idea. I like it too.
Is that what we looked like in 1970? Awesome wedding pic.