Friday, December 17, 2010

There Are No Rules

Hey, everyone. I'd like to introduce you to a couple of folks today. The first is Jane Friedman, (right) former publisher and editorial director for Writer's Digest, who has a terrific blog on the Writer's Digest site: "There Are No Rules," which gets over 50,000 visitors monthly. I'm excited to announce that I'm going to be a guest blogger starting January 7, hopefully posting about once a month for Jane.

And I'd also like to introduce you to another emerging writer/friend, Darrelyn Saloom from Lafayette, Louisiana. I met Darrelyn at the 2010 Creative Nonfiction Conference in Oxford in November. She's been guest blogging for Jane Friedman for a while, and her post today is part of a series she's writing on the conference. Check out today's post, "A Feast of Days, Part 2," about her experience preparing to meet literary agents for the first time. You can link back to Darrelyn's previous posts under "Categories" and then "Darrelyn Saloom" on the left side of the blog.

That's all for today. I've been busy working on the novel and a nonfiction book proposal for the book about memorizing poetry this week... and finishing my Christmas shopping! Hope everyone has a great weekend... I'll hopefully be back on Monday!

Ho ho ho...


ficwriter said...

Susan, You are so kind. I just sat down to read my e-mails and was surprised by your post. Thank you my dear friend. I loved meeting you in Oxford. And had one of the best times of my life. Welcome aboard!

Carol said...

Congratulations on the new writing gig. And thanks for a new blog to read and add to my reader.