Thursday, December 30, 2010

Literary Agent, Bartender or Actress? Hmmmm

The optional theme for this round of posts over at the Southern Authors' Blog, "A Good Blog is Hard to Find," is "What would you do if you couldn't be a writer?"

The first things that came to mind (seriously) were:

literary agent



But then I thought back to my childhood, and my desire to be an ACTRESS started early... a least in third grade.

And in 10th grade, when I got to play Rebecca Gibbs to my older brother's lead role of George Gibbs in "Our Town."

Read all about it on my post at A Good Blog: "Never Quit Your Day Job."

Hubby and I are off to Denver (and from there, Breckenridge) EARLY Friday morning for a great New Year's weekend of skiing and playing with the grandbabies and kids. (He's skiing, I'm playing with the babies:-)

Happy New Year, everyone! I'll (hopefully) be back on Tuesday, January 4.

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