Saturday, September 18, 2010

Twelve Years Ago Today

Just flew in from Denver tonight but couldn’t put the day to bed without remembering my precious Goddaughter, Mary Allison Callaway, who died twelve years ago today, at age 20.

We’ll have memorial prayers for her at St. John Orthodox Church here in Memphis tomorrow.

Mary Allison was a joy to everyone who knew her, and her young life was cut tragically short by a drunk driver. She was living with our family at the time. It felt very much like losing a daughter. Here are my posts about Mary Allison last year and in 2008.

May her memory be eternal!


Emma Connolly said...

A wonderful tribute for such a wonderful girl. May your love for her continue onward, and like ripples in a pond never cease.

Anonymous said...

Oh My God!!! I can't beleive you people made an entire website about one little girls death. And one more thing, I HATE GOOGLE.COM!!!! Because I was trying to do reserch and google brought me to this!