Thursday, September 23, 2010

Getting Saved, Sex, and Writing

It's my turn over at the Southern Authors' Blog, "A Good Blog is Hard to Find." Please read my post there, "Getting Saved, Sex, and Writing," (click on the title) and leave a comment, either here or there!

So, I cleaned up my desk today (see left) and then I couldn't get online, so I
went to Davis Kidd Bookstore and worked all afternoon. Then, when I got home tonight, I called my daughter (duh, why didn't I do this first?) and she walked me through re-setting our AT&T wi-fi modem and ta-da! I'm back in business.

As long as we're here, you might be wondering what the stack on the left side of my desk is. It's a few rejections, from The Oxford American, The Sun, and a couple of others. But I've still got 2-3 essays floating around out there, so I'm hopeful!

And the bulletin board to the right of my desk? I call it my "storyboard." I put note cards with ideas for various aspects of my novel-in-progress, outlines, internet research, artwork, etc. It feeds my imagination as I work. (Thanks to Sue Monk Kidd for the idea!)

Thanks for stopping by. And be sure to check out "A Good Blog is Hard to Find."


ficwriter said...

I always call one of my sons when internet goes down. What would we do without them? Pay someone, I guess. Love the bulletin board.

Emma Connolly said...

can I come work in your office? ;-) Mine is the dining room table with the dogs at my feet. Now I'm jumping over to read about Getting Saved and Sex and Writing - can't wait, the title is great!