Saturday, March 29, 2008

Gold Leaf and Beyond

Just a quick post to include a few more pictures from Friday and Saturday of the icon workshop at St. John. (See post from Thursday night for pictures of Day 1.)

Here's Stacey, painting the sankir (flesh) after finishing her gold leaf.
Friday morning everyone had great success gilding their icons (with 23K gold leaf) and moved on to paint the "roskrish," or base colors and background. Then they transferred the lines, painted the lines, and the names, which in Greek spell "The Angel of the Lord." Sadly, Friday was Kerry's last day with us, as she had to work on the weekend. She was a GREAT help - thanks, Kerry! (Here she is demonstrating some techniques to the group.)

Claire, Leeza and Meribeth concentrate as Kerry demonstrates how to transfer the names to the background.

Today (Saturday) everyone finished the garment highlights, did the hair, and began modeling the face, creating a "mask" with "sarka," an orange-like color.

Tomorrow afternoon they will complete the face, with highlights, blending, and details on the eyes, nose and mouth.

Here's Polly, painting the angel's names on her icon.

I'm too tired to look up something to quote tonight, or even to write any more words.... a fuller report will be up by Monday... for now, enjoy the photos!

Like Meribeth, who loved painting the green highlights.

And Nellie, working on the names.

And Emma, touching up her background.
Everyone is doing a GREAT job!

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