Sunday, March 30, 2008

Angel(s) of the Lord... Finished!

The icon workshop ended tonight, with a room full of very tired, but happy new iconography students and their completed icons. Again, I'm too tired to write, but here are a few more pictures. (I'll get back to writing in a couple of days!)
Nellie and Leeza were the first mother-daughter students I've taught... they plan to share one icon with Leeza's grandmother in Russia and keep the other in their home here in Memphis.

Margo loved blending the flesh ... (right)

Ethan came by at the end of the day to watch Claire finish the icon for their baby (girl)'s nursery! Pretty amazing icon, below, left.

I think a good time was had by all... they were all great students, and God blessed our time together! Some of the icons here are lying flat because they have egg washes on them and can't be tilted until they're dry or the egg will run.


caitlyn said...

They look beautiful! Thanks for inviting me in to see them in progress... When's the next workshop? PLease teach me!

Cha said...

Wonderful work!