Friday, February 10, 2012

The "New" Yellow

I never liked PINK or BLUE. And my best friend has tried to get me to like GREEN, but that doesn't work for me either. I've been a fan of YELLOW ever since it came out.

This RAINBOW OF COLORS I'm talking about is artificial sweeteners. (Pink=Sweet'n Low, Blue=Equal, Yellow=Splenda, Green=Stevia, Brown=Raw Sugar)

I still prefer RAW SUGAR and use it alongside my favorite artificial sweetener, SPLENDA. But recently I was in a coffee shop and asked for Splenda and they offered me a YELLOW package that looked like Splenda, but the name on it was SHAPE. The waitress said, "This is our Splenda."

Of course I was suspicious. But I tasted it and couldn't tell the difference...and I'm really picky about artificial sweetners. So I came home and Googled Shape and Splenda and compared the ingredients, and both have dextrose with maltodxtrin and sucralose.

The Stevia fans claim that Splenda will slow down weight loss (and my best friend--the one who is a fan of Stevia--says it caused cancer in lab rats.)

So... I trod along with my sweet tooth in tow... putting 2 Splenda packets and 1 raw sugar packet in my coffee. Or in a latte or cappuccino. I'm off to my favorite neighborhood coffee shop to get some right now.

What are you thoughts about the RAINBOW of SWEETENERS?


David T said...

I read an article on this topic just the other day:,0

I have no idea if the article's science is solid, but, hey, it's a starting point.

That said, my rainbow preferences right now seem to be green > yellow > blue >>>> pink; I'd buy green more often if it weren't so darned expensive! (I use good ol' white more often than I should, too.)

Susan Cushman said...

Good article David, thanks for the link. It's hard to know who/what to believe about this stuff sometimes, isn't it? But I might give green a chance after reading this.