Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Spring Break!

Can't wait to get to the beach on Saturday for Spring Break with my best friend, Daphne, and her kids! Memories from last year (below)... you should have seen it in color....

Dancing at a concert on the green in Seaside, March 10, 2010: Briana, Hallie, Me, Susan, Virginia and Zain. (Hallie is Daphne's daughter. Susan will also be at Spring Break 2011 with us!)

Daphne's "kids": Will, Simon, Ian and Hallie.

Briana, Hallie and Susan

Me and Daphne


hallie said...

I'm so excited!!!

carter said...

Susan--I have a good friend who owns Sun Dog books in Seaside--Bob White. He and I used to tend bar and wait tables at Scrooges in Jackson. Have fun!!

ficwriter said...

Can't wait for updates on your trip. Enjoy!