Monday, March 28, 2011

Letting Go, Again....

Just read Anna Michael's post over at A Good Blog is Hard to Find, and had to link to it here. Bless her heart, she's got vertigo and still took time to blog when it was her turn at the Southern Authors's Blog! It's about, "Nature, Writing and Vertigo," but I love what she says about letting go.

I'm such a control freak, but as we all know, control is an illusion. So when I broke my ankle while on vacation in Gulf Shores last week, I panicked. How on earth was I supposed to do everything I need to do for my daughter's wedding (May 7 on the beach) now?

Thank God, today's doctor report was so good: it's a tiny fracture (of the distal fibula) that doesn't need surgery or a cast! I'm in this boot, which is much better than a cast, and hope to be in something less cumbersome by the wedding.

God is good. Thanks to everyone for your Facebook wishes! I'm going to get some rest now and hope to have a longer post later this week.

hugs to everyone.


David T said...

Hi Susan,

I'll try not to make a habit of this, but I blogged on the consequences of foot injuries a few weeks ago over on Joe White's blog and thought you might enjoy it (or at least relate to it):

I'm glad to hear that the injury will not require surgery. Here's to a speedy recovery!

Susan Cushman said...

David--I enjoyed your post and left you a comment. Thanks for reading and commenting!

David T said...

Thank you for your comment over there.

I can't reiterate too much how being dependent on others has allowed me to see what good folks they really are. I hope you're surrounded by a similar crew! (And let me know if I can help in any way.)