Friday, February 11, 2011

It's Mass Chaos, but that's not bad....

My monthly guest post is up today over at Jane Friedman's Writer's Digest blog, "There Are No Rules."

"The Evolution of Reading." (Click on the title to follow the link.)

I thought about titling it "It's Mass Chaos," (thanks to John Evans, owner of Lemuria Books in Jackson, Mississippi) but we decided "The Evolution of Reading" gave a better picture of the story. Please drop over and leave a comment!

And many thanks to my contributors for this post:

Sonny Brewer

Neil White

Jessica Handler

Jeff Kleinman

John Evans

Michael Hyatt

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Wendy said...

Great overview, Susan - thanks. Reading your post while I mute the news about Egypt. Lots of changes going on in the world right now - watching history in the making.

In regards to "Mass Chaos" in publishing and e-books: it helped reading different perspectives. All very thoughtfully presented.

Good news and bad news, main concern is for children's picture books. I think they fall into their own category that many aren't discussing. From a business perspective, I don't think it's bad for authors and illustrators - it will probably open lots of new opportunities for them. But for the kids...I know they'll embrace digital books more quickly than their parents, but something beautifully tangible to their souls will be lost in the transition that won't translate to digital picture books.

Teaching children to read with the help of a computer is fine - but read aloud to them from the real thing!