Saturday, March 14, 2009

Twitterers are NOT Twits!

A writing buddy of mine recently sent me this email teasing me about being on Twitter:

“Su, is it true only twits use Twitter?”

So, my dear anonymous (because I love you) friend, let me introduce you to a few of my followers (and I’m following them) on Twitter—most of them are published writers. One is a leading publisher. Some of them are spiritual. All of them are creative. I’ve only been Twittering since March 21—you can read my post about why I chose Twitter over Facebook here.
I’ve got quite a few more Twitter friends, but here are some of my favorites, in alphabetical order, so as not to show preference. Click on their names to go to their blogs or websites. I don't think you'll find a twit in the group. Not. One.

Kathleen Foucart

Connie May Fowler oh, and there's a great article about Connie here:.

Gary Nelson

Deborah Oakland

Daniel Root (come on, Daniel, don't you have a better photo than that, you being a photographer and artist and all? WARNING: Daniel's blog is high-tech-ish!)

Shellie Tomlinson

Another way I’ve met some great folks is by clicking on their links when they comment on the same blogs where I leave comments. Two recent ones of note:

Tim Elhajj and I both left comments on the Creative Nonfiction blog and we started emailing after that.

Kim Richardson and I found each other when we both posted comments recently on Michael Hyatt’s blog. We’ve been emailing since then, and I’m anxiously awaiting her first book, The Unbreakable Child, which is coming out in April. (I’ve pre-ordered it from my local independent bookseller, Burke’s Books, here in Memphis.)

So… Twittering and commenting on blogs is a great way to network with quality folks, like these new friends, who are most definitely not twits! Curious? Come follow me on Twitter!


Daniel Root said...

Thanks for the link! As you can tell, being a photographer does not make one photogenic. Or in nerdspeak, Photographer != Photogenic :)

By the way, I believe the semi-official word for twitter people is tweeps.

Susan Cushman said...

Tell me it isn't so! I thought a tweep was what we wrote on Twitter. Our 140-character-or-less "posts." If those aren't tweeps, what are they? I thought we, the ones who posted the tweets, were twitterers. And hey-it's not that you're not photogenic. You could definitely put a better pic on your Twitter home page. I mean, that was was blurry and everything! And then we click on your blog and there's no picture at all. Just lots of geek-speak that's waaaaaaayyyyy over my head! sigh. Southern boys are so disarming.... in one way or another!

The Unbreakable Child said...

Ahh, many thanks for the shout, sweet Susan!! Much appreciated but wasn't expected.

*cough* about this Twitter--for me nevah!! ; ) Too techny challenged and too much for me. :D Glad it works for others though!

Jason said...

Waiting for pics from the beach mom! Hope your having fun~!

Lisa Romeo said...

Thanks, my fellow tweeter. I feel the same. To think what I would have missed had I not started on Twitter - so many new and interesting and generous literary types....people to listen to, learn from, and lean on.