Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Popsicle Lady

In case you haven't found my new blog location.... please follow me over there and read my latest post:

"The Popsicle Lady."

My new website link is simply:


While you're there, you can subscribe to posts from the new site one of two ways:

Upper Right Hand corner: click on the orange square and it will ask for your email. (see screen shot at right)

Or . . .

At the end of the last post on the left there's a place that says "Subscribe".

Either way, please follow me over there, and check out the other pages on my new web site simply by clicking the tabs across the top.

Oh, and while I'm doing a "new blog tutorial,"... to leave a comment, click on the number next to the comment "cloud" at the upper right of the post. (see screen shot at left)


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