Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Immersing Yourself in your Writing

Hi. Sorry not to have posted for awhile... been busy with a baptism in Nashville and then another visit to my mom in Jackson. (Watch for posts on those soon.)

So, for today, please hop over to the 2011 Memphis Creative Nonfiction Workshop page for my post:

"Immersing Yourself in your Writing."

thanks for reading!

By the way, there are only 3 spots left in the workshop, slated for September 23-25. For info on registration, click here.


kathy kerr said...

This is so wrong! I was just showing my grandaughter a picture of her 3rd grade teacher from our 99 Resume and I showed her ALL your pictures - Class Favorite, Hall of Fame, Student Council, Thespian, Theater Guild, High Academic Achievement, Best School Booster, Hoofbeat staff, and so on and so on and I pull up Pen and Palette to show her you are a writer - now she thinks you are the coolest person ever and wants her own can of spray paint. Looks like fun!

Susan Cushman said...

I'm laughing out loud at your comment, Kathy. Yea... I waited until I was an old lady to be a rebel:-) By the way, I'm sure you meant to say "69" Resume (yearbook) and not "99." We're a little older than that:-)

Susan Cushman said...

by the way, Kathy... who is your granddaughter's 3rd grade teacher? Someone from our class?

kathy kerr said...

You are so right - it was 69 and I have all the wrinkles to prove it! Gracie's teacher was 2 years behind us and I was showing Kaitlyn and Gracie a picture of Lynn Thomason - she teaches middle school at Germantown in Gluckstadt and has taught three of our grandkids so far. I explained to them that you are researching for a book you are writing and that you are also a grandmother but they think you must be way too cool for that!